जानिए सहजन सूप बनाने की विधि और इसके अद्भुत फ़ायदे-Best Healthly सूप रेसिपी -Weight loss,skin,Anemai

जानिए सहजन सूप बनाने की विधि और इसके अद्भुत फ़ायदे-Best Healthly सूप रेसिपी -Weight loss,skin,Anemai

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►In this Video जानिए सहजन सूप बनाने की विधि और इसके अद्भुत फ़ायदे-Best Healthly सूप रेसिपी -Weight loss,skin,Anemai,Chest Problems.

►Throat ,Chest,Skin Problems Infection Mai Useful Hota hai
The drumstick is an extremely well-known veggie, cultivated in several regions of India. It’s got excellent therapeutic values and high nutrition content. Additionally it is cultivated in several other nations throughout the world, yet mainly it is cultivated in India as well as Pakistan. The drumstick is extremely popular, mostly because of its gentle as well as sensitive pods. It’s got numerous fantastic qualities, just like being an anti-bacterial in addition to a detoxifier.

► drumstick tree can be a evergreen tree. That is it may be cultivated all the year-round. It is just a slim tree, which grows nearly upright. It’s not too tall or even short, medium-sized. It features a big canopy of branches, and produces arcs. They’ve got fruits that appears like drumsticks (therefore its title), and in addition white flowers. The leaves are mainly spherical in shape, and could be cooked as well as consumed. They’re mainly veggies. They are often prepared in the same manner as beans, yet feature a somewhat distinct flavor, just like the flavor of asparagus.

►Health Benefits of Drumsticks Best Healthly सूप रेसिपी-
1. Fights cold and flu
2. For strong bones
3. Avoids infection
4. Digestive Disorders
5. Lung problems
6. Excellent iron tonic
7. Glowing skin
8. Tonic for Children
9. Urinary Disorders
10. Increases Bone Density
11. Improves Vision of Eye and Retina
12.Beneficial for Brain Injury
13.Improves Nervous and Immune system

►This tree can be found in the backyards of homes across the world, mostly in South India. A typical tree, it features a large amount of values.

►Drumstick (Moringa oleifera) is actually a broadly grown variety of healing plant which has been noted for its therapeutic qualities since a very long time. It belongs to the plant family Moringaceae and also the genus Moringa. This particular variety of plant is grown within the semi-arid, exotic and also subtropical regions of the entire world. It really is fast developing as well as extremely nourishing and therefore, features a number of uses. Indigenous to the southern foothills of the Himalayas, within the north-western zone of India, drumsticks are now broadly grown within the African continent and Middle East too. The plant is generally very slim, having an average height of approximately 10 meters. The branches are sagging and also the pods of the plant can be used for various functions.

►Drunsticks Contains(100gm)

Vitamin C – 110mg – 120mg
Calcium – 25mg – 30mg
Iron – 5.0mg- 5.4mg
phosphorus – 110mg – 120mg
Traces of vitamin B complex

►Check Out Ingredient of Making Drumsticks Soup

1 Medium Size Chopped Onion
8-10 piece Chopped Garlic Cloves
1 tbsp Limejuice
1/4 tsp Blacksalt
1 tbsp Olive oil
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper powder
1/2 tsp garam masala powder
1 tsp Cornflour

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