7 day 7 dinner recipes in tamil | 7 dinner Recipes For The Entire Week | Healthy and Quick dinner

7 day 7 dinner recipes in tamil | 7 dinner Recipes For The Entire Week | Healthy and Quick dinner

Hi friends,
In this video i prepared 7 easy and healthy dinner recipes. please share about your night dinner recipes with us by your valuable comments. Thank you.

1.Gothumaravai & pasiparuppu dosai(00:18)
2.Tair seamiya(02.31)
3.Adai idli(06:36)
4.Soft chapathi(09:33)
5.Ariseem paruppu sadam(12:42)
7.Pasta(White sauce) (21:26)

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7 dinner recipes in samayalkarar ponnu|7 day 7 dinner ideas in tamil|7 natkalukku 7 night tiffion receipes|7 Breakfast Recipes For The Entire Week – 7 Days Healthy Breakfast Ideas – Diet Plan To Lose Weight|Indian dinner

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