A Fresh & Healthy Lunch at Work Every Day? Felfel Knows How /Episode 109

A Fresh & Healthy Lunch at Work Every Day? Felfel Knows How /Episode 109

Welcome to Episode No.109 of the #StartupShow!

This time we explore the opportunity to eat fresh and healthy food at work and making the most of your lunch break! That’s why we visited the headquarters of Felfel and talked to the co-founders Daniela and Emanuel Steiner.

Of Swiss origin, Emanuel grew up in New York, but eventually decided to move back and start a company in Switzerland. His partner, Daniela, studied banking and finance in St.Gallen and built her career in the corporate world, as well as the startup world. She worked for global private equity firm Partners Group, and founded her first company HeyLife afterwards. The Steiners started their food tech startup Felfel more than four years ago and today they share their story with us!

Felfel makes it possible for every company to offer fresh, affordable food 24/7 to their employees. They cater for specific diets too, such as gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan, but the most exciting part is yet to come! The Steiners invite companies to visit their headquarters to experience their innovative approach to food. They welcome companies to bring 10 employees for lunch and try Felfel’s food and service for FREE!

Website: https://felfel.ch/

Season 2.0 features two new segments: “Questions from the audience” and “Quick fire Q&A.” We would like to thank everyone for their continued participation! A special thanks to Bernhard Fischer for taking part in this episode!

If you want to hear the unusual story about couple entrepreneurship and food technology, don’t miss the video!

Skip to Questions:

0:53 Who is Daniela Steiner?
1:18 You moved from corporate job to entrepreneurship. How was that experience for you?
1:48 Who is Emanuel Steiner?
2:19 You did your MBA at Harvard Business School. Can you share your impressions?
3:09 What is Felfel?
3:45 Can you walk us through how a client uses your product?
5:03 How did you come up with the idea?
6:25 How do you manage all the logistics successfully?
8:28 You distributed more than 150 machines so far. How do you foster growth?
9:25 You won the SEF award 2017. How was it?
10:44 Investor Question: How did you know that your product fit the market?
11:49 What trends do you see in the food(tech) industry?
12:53 Is there anything that could be better in the Swiss Startup Ecosystem?
14:57 Do you plan to expand globally and what’s your plan for the next couple of years?
15:47 What is it like to be an entrepreneurial couple and do you have any tips for those who plan to go down the same path?

The Audience Asks

17:21 Bernhard Fischer: Do you also have kosher meals? Or meals for people with dietary requirements?

Quick Fire Q&A

19:15 How did you get your first paying client?
19:14 What’s the best way to reach out to potential investors?
20:00 Tell us one startup lesson you learned the hard way.
20:43 Who do you admire in the startup world?
21:56 Do you define yourself as a risk-seeker or risk-averse and why?

Expert Advice

23:22 Expert Advice from Daniela Steiner

23:32 Expert Advice from Emanuel Steiner

Ep. 109: Interview with Cédric Bollag, the Founder at GlobalTechBox
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