Camila Alves McConaughey’s Healthy Brazilian Dinner

She's the founder of the lifestyle website Women of Today, an entrepreneur, and mother of three Please help me welcome Camila Alves McConaughey

(audience applauds) That's a lot of different hats It is a lot of different hats God, these Brazilians are so friendly, I love it (Laughter) We need more love like that here We were dancing earlier, right? We were

Yeah, if you want to dance a little in the show, we can end up having a big dancing competition on stage (applause) Now you better watch out, I am Brazilian I know that's right Okay, you got some moves, right? We do, we do baby It all starts with one

Then side to side (Singing) Okay, okay, the dance competition is over You two win High five (applause) Now, I'm learning a little more about your lifestyle website

Is that, like, dance lessons included? We have some of that too, but today we're going to talk about cooking The whole idea of the website is really to create a community for women It's not about me going, hey this is what I know and you should do it this way It's about me saying, this is what I have learned, what have you learned Can you share with me? I'm going to try that in my home, and then we share back with the community

It's all about really women learning from women You can learn about lifestyle, dancing, and cooking And a crockpot Yes Don't leave your house without a crockpot

And speaking of sharing, this recipe you brought, this is one of your family favorites? Yes it is This is my favorite recipe growing up My mom used to make it for me all time I never learned how to make it, because it was one of those dishes that when you go home, I wanted my mom to make it for me You know what I mean? We all have one of those

But now, I have three kids, and it became their favorite dish, and they ask for it all the time Four kids– Three Including Matthew Oh there we go Yes (laughter) So then I had to learn to make this dish, but living in America is very different than Brazil

We're running around like crazy, so I have to find a way to make it easier I changed the recipe to make it in a crockpot Let's get started This is Brazilian Stroganoff? Yes Brazilian Stroganoff, the best kind you can have

I wish we had a crockpot–oh we do! Voila It's hot already We're going to put a little oil in there We got chicken here We're going to put it in

We're going to let it brown Can we make it with other meats, different kinds of meat? You can, but the traditional style is with chicken Then, over here I have achiote, which is a Latin– Wait, what is that? Exactly Achiote paste, you can get the seasoning as well I'm assuming it's really hot? Exactly

That was a "Make it Rain" move, just so you know, with the salt Make it rain So here, we're going to blend the things that's going to give the flavors for this dish We have garlic, tomatoes, cilantro, red bell peppers, and white onions You're going to put in the blender

Blend it all together Just going to– Of course, us doctors are salivating because we know all the nutrition in those, so thank you Yes, yes, yes So you're just going to pour it over Oh, yes

Looks Fantastic You want to add some bay leaves in there for me? Sure, of course Just a couple of them There we go Will you cover it for me? Absolutely

You're going to cover up, let it cook Once it's cooked all the way, then you're going to pull out the chicken and you're going to shred the chicken One trick about this, you want to keep the chicken pieces big, so when you're serving, it doesn't become a soup Yeah, you got to And then you're going to add corn, green olives to give a nice little salty taste to it, and la crema, which is a very South America and Spanish thing that we use

The trick about la crema is that you want to put it in the refrigerator for a while, so when you add it to the dish, you just add the cream, you don't add the water that has the bad stuff for you And you mix up the dish– Is it sort of like sour cream? It's a healthier version of sour cream More like Greek yogurt? Yes, almost like a balance between both, would you say that? Yeah Yes, absolutely So you guys can try

Bon Appetit? Bon Appetit You're going to try that one? Yes You're eating with us, great You're good That's good

I got my fork I like the man way I like it with the la crema on top (audience applause) That meat melts in your mouth It does

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