HEALTHY FOOD | Come Grocery Shopping with me!

HEALTHY FOOD | Come Grocery Shopping with me!

Today is all about healthy food!! So I am taking you grocery shopping with me!! I hope you get inspired by some of our picks!! PS theres a part when I am standing next to a cart with all stuff in it when I am looking at yogurt, its not our cart hahah just didn’t want to confuse anyone!


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meal ideas (what I eat in a day):

at home workouts:

Just a side note!
we eat healthy fats as well like olive oil and coconut oil too (we like to cook with both of those as well)
we take a cheat day on saturday and have carbs and whatever else were craving
we don’t go NO carb we still eat carbs!

this is what works for me! Everything is trial and error. I have seen so much progress with this diet not only in my stomach and legs but my skin as well. My boyfriend Jarod was breaking out and since he’s been on this diet he his skin has been AMAZING! So either milk was a problem for us or sugar. Either way both of us have been loving the results 🙂

****Whole Foods roasted pepper marinade (name for that dressing)

Hi! My names Sam and welcome to my channel! I have decided to mix both my passions, beauty and fitness into one channel. I post every Monday and Wednesday!! Thanks for stopping by!

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