Healthy habits to lose weight in your day to day

Healthy habits to lose weight in your day to day Converting small changes in habits and routines every day can make you consume the calories you need to lose weight

They are small gestures that can help you improve your physical condition 1 Run on an empty stomach When there is nothing in the stomach, the muscles must use reserve fat for energy One way to increase the combustion of fat is to run on an empty stomach, when the previous day you have run late in the afternoon, eating lightly some pieces of fruit or steamed vegetables for dinner

This way you can be sure that the muscle glycogen has been spent at night, and it only remains to resort to the mobilization of the fats so that the muscles work 2 Breakfast to lose weight The complete breakfast is one of the most important points in the fight against the kilos Do not ever go out without breakfast

In studies with volunteers, it has been seen that people who skip breakfast have more weight problems and eat more fat-rich foods throughout the day Although in our country it is difficult to get a few extra minutes every morning to sit at the table and have a good breakfast, it's just a matter of habit, as soon as you start a week, your body gets used to it and the day you run out without breakfast, you feel a fierce hunger that tells you that the body needs the energy to start the day 3 Go to work If your work is too far away, there is no excuse

You can get off a couple of stops before and walk 10 minutes to your place of work If you walk 10 minutes every morning, at an average speed of 5 km / h, you can spend 45 calories (for 70 kg of weight) It seems little, but over a year, it means 9,000 calories of expenditure, that if you double them back after work, they mean 18,000 calories a year, which can make you lose between 2 and 3 kg per year, without changing your diet 4

Up the stairs It is a simple way to "burn" calories For every minute that you do not use the elevator and go up the stairs, you lose 18 calories (for 70 kg of weight) If you have to climb three floors to your office, about five times a day, it is equivalent to burning up to 270 calories a day Climbing stairs have an additional advantage for runners, improves muscle tone of the buttocks and quadriceps to gain power and speed in the race

5 Drink water regularly The best way to hydrate properly is always to have a bottle of water, preferably glass, at hand Remember that if you are an athlete, you should drink more than 2 liters daily, especially on hot days Many people confuse the sensation of thirst with hunger, and constantly snack, instead of drinking the water that the body is asking to calm down

6 Take fruit and infusions Most fruits are rich in energy, fiber, water, vitamins and minerals and low in calories and fat Apples, pears, peaches, bananas, grapes, etc, have the advantage of satisfying your appetite quickly without losing your line

Tea, those that help you lose fat are red tea or Pu-erh, which follows a natural fermentation process and green tea richer in antioxidants These infusions, if taken constantly for several months, help to eliminate excess fats, promote diuresis and elimination of toxins 7 Sleep well Although it seems to you a lie, sleeping well slims you down

It takes 30 minutes of a nap for the body to rest and the metabolism to work without stress When you do not sleep enough, alert mechanisms are triggered in the body that causes the body to save extra fat reserves, so you have more energy during waking hours Another mechanism leads you to consume more sweet foods to have glucose for the brain that does not sleep By not resting, not only prevents the recovery of the body and brain, you also gain weight without realizing it If you do not believe it, try to sleep next holidays the hours your body asks for, you will see how not only you do not gain weight, but you even eat less amount of sweets and fats

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